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The Intervention & Prevention SIG is dedicated to the promotion and translation of scientific investigation on promoting healthy aging. Evidence suggests that there is a wide variety of ways to maintain health through the aging process, many of which include preventative measures and/or early intervention. Our mission is to highlight the research and community work being done in this area to demonstrate that maintaining and building health is possible throughout adulthood.

Our overarching goals are to:

  1. Unite researchers and clinicians whose work seeks to prevent the myriad of physical, cognitive, and/or emotional problems that may arise during aging.
  2. Translate intervention and prevention research to clinicians across disciplines, thereby allowing clinicians an easily accessible way to stay up to date on scientific advances.
  3. Demonstrate to researchers that their work can be applied to the larger community and to promote the dissemination of interventions that may be feasible for the public.

Jamie Peven, MS (Co-Chair)
Briana Sprague, PhD (Co-Chair)
Shannon Donofry, PhD (At-Large Member)
Con Stough, PhD (Membership Coordinator)

Want to get involved? Check us out at and on Twitter at @APA_D20! We also have a Slack channel; email the I&P Gmail account for access!

Date created: October 2021