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Promote among early career professionals the understanding of diversity in the aging process, particularly how race, ethnicity, and culture can influence the experience and expression of health and psychological problems in adulthood, thus acknowledging that it is more important to know the patient than to know the disease.


To produce tangible and translatable training, advocacy, and education resources in collaboration with content experts in the field of race, culture, ethnicity, and aging (e.g., terminology guides, domestic and international policy briefs, etc.) in pursuit of expanding the knowledge base while increasing awareness and reducing stigma.

To provide opportunities through remote and face-to-face venues for members to collaborate and network across career and professional levels.

To foster research collaboration, domestically and internationally, by identifying overlapping interests and engaging in regular communication to share ideas and ongoing advancements in the conducting and application of related research.

To foster a professional hierarchy within members for mentorship and guidance.

To connect members at regional, national, and international conferences.

To provide other social connections between members across all stages of professionalism (student, clinician, researcher, staff member).


Date created: October 2021