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To stimulate interest, and support research and education, in research methods related to the study of human development and aging. To create a professional network where members across disciplines, professional settings, and levels of training with common interests in research methods can share ideas, seek and offer guidance, develop collaborations, and provide and receive mentorship.


The following objectives will allow us to fulfill the mission of the Research Methods SIG:

  • Informing SIG members on training opportunities in research methods relevant to the study of aging and human development.
  • Providing a forum for SIG members to ask questions, provide input, and share ideas on topics related to research methods.
  • Disseminating research findings of interest to the SIG.
  • Fostering opportunities for professional collaboration, networking, and mentoring.
  • Stimulating interests in research methods in the broader field of psychology, especially among junior scholars.


Twitter: We will use this Twitter platform to circulate articles of interest to our SIG membership. The leadership team will screen all articles prior to posting, and we welcome nominations (including self-nominations) for articles to post. We are just getting started and plan to tweet our first articles this month.

SIG listserv: Email to join. Listserv members can also access all postings via a members-only web forum.

Date created: November 2021