The individuals described below were honored by Div. 20 for their exceptional achievements at an awards ceremony on Aug. 10, 2018, at APA’s 2018 Annual Convention in San Francisco. Div. 20 congratulates these individuals for their outstanding accomplishments.

The Springer Early Career Achievement Award in Research on Adult Development and Aging

This award is designed to honor an individual whose work has made significant early career contributions to understanding critical issues in the psychology of adult development and aging


Springer Award Winner

Gloria Luong

About Gloria Luong, PhD

  • Assistant Professor 
  • Department of Human Development and Family Studies 
  • Colorado State University 
  • Her research program focuses on socioemotional development across the adult lifespan.

The Mentorship Award in Aging

This award is presented to an individual who has consistently provided support, guidance and strong direction to undergraduate and graduate students in aging and adult development. This individual might be someone who resides at a liberal arts institution or college that focuses on undergraduate education or it may be an individual at a PhD-granting institution. This award will be given to the individual who has been most actively committed to mentoring and who best exemplifies the qualities identified with strong, effective mentoring.


Mentorship Award Winner

Elizabeth Stine-Morrow

About Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow, PhD

  • Professor of Educational Psychology 
  • The Beckman Institute 
  • University of Illinois 
  • She is the current editor of Psychology and Aging and is a respected researcher known for her scientific contributions to understanding language processing and aging and cognitive interventions.

The M. Powell Lawton Distinguished Contribution Award for Applied Gerontology

This award is presented in honor of the memory of M. Powell Lawton to recognize those whose contributions have improved the quality of life of older persons. The contributions being honored include developing or implementing a program, practice, policy or treatment that has or will have the great potential to improve the lives of older adults.


M. Powell Lawton Distinguished Contribution Award Winners

Larry and-Dolores Thompson

About Larry W. Thompson, PhD, and Dolores Gallagher Thompson, PhD, ABPP

  • Professors 
  • Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences 
  • Stanford University School of Medicine 
  • They are best known for their long-term work in depression treatment for older adults.

The Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award

This award is sponsored by the Margret M. and Paul B. Baltes Foundation and is Div. 20’s most prestigious award. It has been established to honor researchers with distinguished careers that have featured exceptional theoretical and empirical contributions to the psychological science of aging.


Baltes Award Winner

Karen Rook

About Karen Rook, PhD

  • Professor 
  • Department of Psychology and Social Behavior 
  • University of California-Irvine 
  • She is arguably the leading figure studying close relationships in the later stages of the lifespan.