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Graduate studies in the psychology of adult development and aging

Following are data on academic programs in the state that provide a specialization in adult development and aging. Data include titles of courses and seminars offered number of faculty with a specialization in adult development and aging, psychology specializations integrated with the study of adult development and aging, administrative organization of the program, availability of assistantships and traineeships in the program, practicum and internship placement opportunities and web addresses and contact persons for the program.

Iowa State University (Interdisciplinary)

State/country: Iowa

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Course 1 - Geron 448 Economics of Aging, Course 1  Geron 471 Design for All People, Course 2 - Geron 501 Seminar, Course 3 - Geron 510 Survey of Gerontology, Course 4 - Geron 530 Perspectives in Gerontology, Course 5 - Geron 534 Adult Development, Course 6 - Geron 540 Nutrition and Physical Activity in Aging, Course 7 - Geron 545 Economics, Public Policy and Aging, Course 8 - Geron 563 Environments and Aging, Course 9 - Geron 577 Intergenerational Relations, Course 10 - Geron 590 Special Topics, Course 11 - Geron 584 Program Evaluation and Research Methods in Gerontology, Course 12 - Geron 594 Professional Seminar

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 3 Full Time, 13 Part Time

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A: Gerontology assistantships are available through the Graduate College. 
Contact: Peter Martin

Availability of Postdoctoral Opportunities in AD&A:

Practicum and Internship Placements: Internships are available at area agencies of aging, Department of Elder Affairs and assisted living and retirement communities.
Contact: Christine Cook

Other Relevant Information and Comments:

Peter Martin
Gerontology Program
Iowa State University
1096 LeBaron Hall
Ames, IA 50011
Telephone: (515) 294-5186
Fax: (515) 294-0449

Date created: 2012

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Program details are subject to change. Please contact programs to verify information is current.