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Graduate studies in the psychology of adult development and aging

Following are data on academic programs in the state that provide a specialization in adult development and aging. Data include titles of courses and seminars offered number of faculty with a specialization in adult development and aging, psychology specializations integrated with the study of adult development and aging, administrative organization of the program, availability of assistantships and traineeships in the program, practicum and internship placement opportunities and web addresses and contact persons for the program.

Pennsylvania State University (College of Health and Human Development, Department of Human Development and Family Studies)

Specializations Integrated with AD&A: Methodology, Family Science, Prevention and Intervention, Life Span Development

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Human Development Across the Lifespan, Developmental Theory, Human Development Intervention Theory, Development through Adulthood, Programs and Services in Gerontology, Seminar in Adult Development and Aging, Seminar in Midlife Development, Colloquium (Gerontology), Special Topics in Adulthood and Aging

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 8 Full Time, 1 Part Time

Number of Faculty affiliated to APA Division 20: 8 APA Division 20 Members, 0 APA Division 20 Fellows

Research Interests of Faculty: Daily stress processes; stress health and cognition; stress and family caregiving; linking daily experiences to long term outcomes; demography of family relationships and exchanges in adulthood and old age; family relationships and management of chronic illness; family factors in mental health; work and family linkages; family relationships in multigenerational families; fatherhood; late life depression; changes in psychological processes of emotion; personality and cognition; how intraindividual change and variability study designs contribute to an understanding of developmental processes

Availability of Graduate Assistantships in AD&A: All students are funded through a combination of funding sources:  Research assistantships, teaching assistantships, Graduate School fellowships, College Fellowships, and two departmental graduate fellowships, one which specifies a student in adulthood and aging. 

Contact: Eva Lefkowitz, Website

Availability of Undergraduate Research opportunities in AD&A: Students may become involved in any research projects conducted by faculty in the area of adult development and aging.  The topics of faculty research were presented above.

Contact: Jennifer Crissman-Ishler

Availability of Postdoctoral Opportunities in AD&A: Postdoctoral opportunities are available, depending on funding.

Contact: Martin Sliwinski

Practicum and Internship Placements: Most undergraduate majors complete an internship.  Graduate students can arrange research experiences at other institutions in this country and abroad.

Other Relevant Information and Comments: The historic strength of the program is the combination of substantive studies of adult development and aging with cutting-edge training in research methodology.  The emphasis is on training students in innovative research that cuts across traditional discipline boundaries.

Opportunities for international experience are available in several countries including Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Steven H. Zarit, PhD
Human Development and Family Studies
Penn State University
Health & Human Development East 315
University Park, PA 16802
Telephone: (814) 865-5260
Fax: (814) 863-7963

Updated February 2014

Saint Joseph’s University (Gerontological Services MS)

Catherine S. Murray, PhD

Updated February 2014

Duquesne University (Department of Psychology)

Psychology Specializations Integrated with AD&A: Clinical

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Introduction to Neuropsychology and Aging

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 1 Full Time, 0 Part Time

Practicum and Internship Placements: Practicum at Lutheran Center for Research on Aging

Other Relevant Information and Comments: We are developing the AD&A field and expect other practicum and internship opportunities in the future

Roger Brooke, PhD
Psychology Clinic
Duquesne University
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Telephone: (612) 396-6563

Lehigh University (Department of Psychology)

Psychology Specializations Integrated with AD&A: Developmental, Social Cognition, Cognitive

Courses and Specialized Seminars Offered: Seminar in Cognitive Aging, Personality and Social Development in Adulthood, Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Aging, Seminar in Adult Development

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 1 Full Time, 0 Part Time

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A: Teaching assistantships

Diane T. Hyland
Psychology Department
Lehigh University
17 Memorial Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Telephone: (610) 758-3631

Date created: 2012

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Program details are subject to change. Please contact programs to verify information is current.