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West Virginia
Graduate studies in the psychology of adult development and aging

Following are data on academic programs in the state that provide a specialization in adult development and aging. Data include titles of courses and seminars offered number of faculty with a specialization in adult development and aging, psychology specializations integrated with the study of adult development and aging, administrative organization of the program, availability of assistantships and traineeships in the program, practicum and internship placement opportunities and web addresses and contact persons for the program.

West Virginia University (Department of Psychology)

Number of Faculty in AD&A: 6 Full Time

Number of Faculty affiliated to APA Division 20: 3 APA Division 20 members, 2  APA Division 20 Fellows

Courses and Specialized Seminars in AD&A for Graduate Students: Adult Development and Aging, Adolescent and Young Adult Development, Rural Aging, Seminar in Life Span Developmental Psychology, Applied Developmental Science, Seminar in Clinical Psychology, (Gerontology Certificate is available through the Center on Aging)

Courses and Specialized Seminars in AD&A for Undergraduate Students: Adult Development and Aging, Human Development across the Life Span

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A for Graduate Students: All students in good standing can expect to receive a stipend, university tuition waiver, basic health insurance, recreation center membership and access to Big 12 athletic events throughout the normal period of training (4 years if entering with a Bachelor’s degree)

Availability of Assistantships in AD&A for Undergraduate Students: N/A

Availability of Postdoctoral Opportunities in AD&A: Subject to availability of funding

Specializations: Life-Span Developmental Psychology; Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience

Practicum and Internship Placements: Established clinical practicum placements exist; practical experiences for other specializations can be arranged, there is no APA-accredited internship on site

Other Relevant Information and Comments: WVU has an illustrious history in life-span development and a commitment to providing in-depth training in adult development and aging to the next generation of psychologists. Six faculty members from three training areas within the department (life-span developmental, clinical, behavioral neuroscience) have expertise in adult development and aging. Graduates are highly successful in obtaining employment in academia, government, research institutions, and foundations and applied settings. The WVU Psychology Department received the “Innovation in Graduate Education Award” from APA in recognition of the junior-colleague model used to train graduate students in research. As junior colleagues, students and faculty collaborate in research and students develop individualized plans of study.

JoNell Strough
Director of Graduate Training
Department of Psychology
West Virginia University
53 Campus Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506-6040
Telephone: (304) 293-4924
Fax: (304) 293-6606

Updated February 2014

Date created: 2012

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