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Continuing Education Report

Recap of CE sessions at the 2014 convention and a call for new CE sessions at the 2015 convention

By Shevaun Neupert

Dr. Robin L. West conducted a CE workshop at the APA convention in Washington, D.C. entitled “ Train the Trainer: Memory Training for Seniors”. By all accounts, it was a highly successful workshop with about 25 attendees.

Dr. Jane Berry summarized her experience at the workshop this way: “ I'm really glad I did it, and highly recommend it. I took the course because I've heard about it so many times over the years, as a CE workshop and as something Robin has done locally, nationally, and even internationally. I wanted to hear how she combines the research with the applied aspects of memory training. She did a great job! The balance between the research and the application was perfect. She provided hands-on activities, lots of examples from everyday life and the literature, and took tons of questions from the group. She memorized all 25 names very quickly and demonstrated her expertise at name memory, much to the astonishment of the attendees. Her energy and pace were terrific, and she was authoritative yet approachable and down to earth (classic Robin). The older adults who come to my lab often ask what they can do to improve their memories, and I thought getting Robin's version of memory improvement techniques would help me answer that question. (My first answer to the question is always, “Pay attention” and the second, “Exercise, aerobic exercise.” Robin would add to it, “Practice, practice, practice!”. She made a compelling case for mental gymnastics and the benefit of honing memorization skills by constant practice.”

It should also be noted that Dr. West was unable to attend the Div. 20 business meeting, which was held during the workshop, to receive her M. Powell Lawton Award! (The workshop attendees clapped for her and congratulated her!)

Suggestions for a CE workshop for the 2015 APA convention in Toronto can be sent to Shevaun Neupert or Farzin Irani.