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New Division 20 Facebook Group

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD

Div. 20 president Sara Cjaza has asked that I head up the Div. 20 Facebook group. All members are invited to join by visiting this webpage.

You do need to be on Facebook to join the group, but not to follow it (that is a permanent link). If you are already on Facebook, you don't have to worry about members of the group seeing your personal information (such as photos, posts, etc.) as long as your own privacy settings are properly set up so that only friends can see your timeline. Technically, you also don't have to be a member of Div. 20 or even be on the Div. 20 listserv to join the Facebook group, but I approve new members and will monitor the site for spam as well.

This page gives us a great way to communicate between conferences and other meetings, as well as a wonderful chance to keep the "aging voice" active on social media. I hope you'll join soon!