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Fellow Committee Report

Introduction of new fellows and information on the process of applying to become a fellow

By JoNell Strough

I am very pleased to report that Div. 20 has two new Initial Fellows: Dr. Karen Roberto (Virginia Tech) and Dr. Brian Carpenter (Washington University in St. Louis). Please join me in congratulating the new Div. 20 Fellows!

Interested in becoming a Fellow? Div. 20 welcomes self and other nominations for Fellow status in APA and the division. There are two processes: (1) if you are currently not a Fellow in any APA division, you would be applying for initial Fellow status; or (2) if you are already a Fellow in another APA division, and you are a member of Div. 20, you can request consideration for Fellow status as well in Div. 20. The process for each is described briefly below.

The entire application process is online, including the submission of all support documents and letters. APA requirements and access to the online application platform to apply for Initial Fellow status are available on the APA Fellows website. Div. 20 criteria for fellowship status can be found online. (PDF, 7KB)

Advice for applicants and endorsers on submitting a successful application is also available on the APA Fellows website. Nominees and potential nominees should be aware of the importance of the nominee's self-statement, which must make clear exactly how the nominee has made “unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology” (an essential APA requirement as stated on the website). Such contributions must go well beyond those typically necessary for tenure or promotion recommendations for individuals in academic positions, for example. Also, although not mandatory, evidence of involvement in APA in general and Div. 20 in particular is very helpful and greatly strengthens the application.

Recommenders must fill out two forms: one is called a “Worksheet” and contains a rating scale; the second form (the “Fellow Status Evaluation Form”) includes the actual letter of recommendation. Nominees are expected to send both of these forms to their recommenders (unless someone else is handling the entire nomination process). All of the materials for Initial Fellow applications must be submitted no later than December 1, 2014.

A list of those who currently hold Fellow status in Div. 20 by visiting the Div. 20 website.

The application process for individuals who are already Fellows of an APA division is far simpler, requiring only a current CV and brief cover letter sent directly to JoNell Strough. The deadline for submitting materials for Current Fellows is April 1, 2015.

Please contact JoNell Strough if you have any questions.