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Program Committee report

Mark your calendars for exciting upcoming programs at convention.

By Walter Boot and Katherine Judge, PhD

Mark your calendars — the Div. 20 program for the 2016 APA convention in Denver (Aug. 4-7) is almost finalized, and it looks great. The presidential themes selected this year by Harvey Sterns relate to aging and work, and speakers will address issues around these themes from several perspectives. Of particular note, as part of a Committee on Division/APA Relations grant awarded to Div. 20, Div. 3 (Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science) and Div. 7 (Developmental Psychology), the meeting will feature a three-part workshop titled “Forty-five Years of Influence of the Lifespan Developmental Approach: Past, Present, Future.” Separate sessions featuring keynote speakers and reaction panels will focus on: 

  1. Methodological issues.
  2. Theoretical and conceptual approaches.
  3. Intervention, modifiability and plasticity. 
In addition to this event, there are many other sessions to look forward to, including the Baltes Distinguished Research Achievement Award Address, which will be given by Richard Schulz. Sterns will give his presidential address titled “Work 'til You Drop, or Knowing When to Stop II.” This year, we submitted nine collaborative programs, and Div. 20 had four symposia accepted, giving us eight “free” programming hours. Accepted collaborative programs include a session focused on the debate surrounding brain training and a skill-building session aimed at new investigators on how to obtain research funding. We will also be hosting eight other symposia and special sessions. A session to celebrate the life, accomplishments and pioneering work of James E. Birren is planned. Forty-two posters were accepted, reflecting diverse, contemporary topics ranging from the impact of multigenerational households on older adult well-being to the motivating factors driving older adults to engage in volunteer work in rural communities. We will also be co-listed on over 20 other divisional programs, reflecting topics such as meaningful retirement, managing chronic illness, promoting and maintaining behavioral change, and brain health. We expect several of our programs to offer continuing education credits for attendees, and invite members to meet new fellows in their presentation session. We will again host a social hour on-site immediately following the presidential address. We are still working on an additional off-site social event to enable Div. 20 members to network and enjoy the company of colleagues. The APA conference programming office is reviewing our scheduling requests, and we should hear in June more about the finalized schedule. We look forward to seeing you in Denver.