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Div. 20 membership committee report

Update on membership activities and welcome to new members.

By Gloria Luong

I am pleased to report that our division membership has remained strong, despite the fact that memberships in scientific organizations seems to have dipped across the board. I believe that much of this success has to do with the fact that APA Div. 20 has much to offer: a community and home within APA, opportunities for honors and award recognition, discounts on publications, access to networking opportunities and an outlet for learning about cutting edge research and practices in the field of aging. In addition, as highlighted in the last newsletter, our APA Div. 20 membership committee member, David Chiriboga, has helped to launch a gerontology academic genealogy tree. Check it out: you may be surprised to find out who you are related to academically.

Please join me in welcoming new members who have joined Div. 20 since fall 2016 or who have upgraded their membership (e.g., from student affiliate to member status). The full list is provided below.

As you can see, nearly half of our new members are student affiliates. Students and emerging scholars are the future of our profession, so the Membership Committee has been prioritizing their recruitment to APA Div. 20. If you have students in your classes or labs who are not currently members of APA Div. 20, please encourage them to join. Students join our division for free for the first year (making them eligible for student and travel awards), so there is really no reason not to join.

If you have colleagues who are not members, please also send them a nudge to join our division. Also, don't forget to renew your membership if you haven't already done so.

On behalf of the membership committee, thank you for your support and for making our division a strong community.

  • Marivi Acuna
  • Cami Allard*
  • Addam Antunez*
  • Lisa Barnes Young
  • Andrew Bender
  • Allison Boroda
  • Eddie Bravo*
  • Justin Castillo*
  • Emily Cohen-Shikora
  • Charlene Deming*
  • Iris Fitz*
  • Stephanie Fountain-Zaragoza*
  • Kelsey Grodner*
  • Georgann Hardin*
  • Erin Harrell*
  • Amber Hassan*
  • Cassandra Hatt*
  • Terry Haynes
  • Heidi King
  • Rachel Kleinman
  • Keri Kytola*
  • Joy Jacobs-Lawson
  • Flor Leal
  • Kyuho Lee*
  • Victoria Marino
  • Lauren Mastrobuono
  • Heidi Mattila*
  • Subendri Moodley*
  • Roxanne Moore
  • Rene Moreno
  • Kathryn Noth
  • Tabitha O'Neal*
  • Alissa Parrish
  • Evan Plys*
  • Jennifer Ramsey
  • Frychettya Randall
  • Cynthia Roman
  • Lourdes Santana-Charriez
  • Quyen Sklar
  • Danielle Spangler*
  • Kimberly Stoltzfus
  • Carla Strickland*
  • Chava Urecki*
  • Melissa Weller
  • Connie Williams*

*Denotes Student Affiliate