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Div. 20 Membership Committee Report

Update on membership activities and welcome to new members.

By Gloria Luong

Summer is here, which means APA convention is right around the corner! There are many benefits of your membership in APA and Div. 20, including discounts on convention registration and access to Div. 20 programming (e.g., social hour and events), as well as eligibility to apply for exclusive Div. 20 awards. Check out the Div. 20 program preview (PDF, 285KB) for more information on exciting convention sessions.

Please join me in welcoming our newest Div. 20 colleagues:

  • Jose Alves
  • Yulia Ayriza
  • Hunter Ball
  • Sarah Barber
  • Joanne Cohen
  • Nathaniel Diede*
  • Julian Dodd
  • Kelly Goedert
  • Justin Griffith
  • LaQeishia Hagans*
  • Patrick Hill
  • Dawn Holt*
  • Dena Hulbert
  • Marko Katana
  • Lee Kershner*
  • Robert Kulka*
  • Katherine Lambos*
  • Allura Lothary*
  • Minjie Lu
  • Loretta Markus*
  • Matthew McCurdy*
  • Ryan Muller*
  • Erica O'Brien*
  • Shalani Offord*
  • Amy Overman
  • Lawence (Larry) Palk
  • Melissa Paretsky
  • Tina Pizzo*
  • Shehroo Pudumjee
  • Daniel Schaffer*
  • Jennifer Seeley*
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Tamara Statz
  • Jenessa Steele
  • Emily Streeper
  • Elizabeth Tinsley*
  • Eduardo Urenda
  • Alison Weiner*
  • Adam Woods

*Denotes student affiliate

Thank you for encouraging your students, postdocs and colleagues to join Div. 20!

Joining or renewing membership in Div. 20 is easy. Don't forget, students join our division for free for the first year, making them eligible for student and travel awards.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at convention in Washington, D.C., this August!