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Early Career Task Force report

An opportunity to suggest new special interest groups.

By Nicole DePasquale

The Early Career Task Force (ECTF) will be developing Special Interests Groups (SIGs) for Div. 20. SIGs would function as subdivisions that reflect specific areas of study within the broader field of adult development and aging (e.g., caregiving) to connect members who share similar interests, knowledge or goals. SIGs could serve as a resource for becoming more involved in Div. 20; networking, collaborating, maintaining or facilitating more frequent communication among members in between conventions; hearing about the latest subject-specific information; and spreading the word about your own work.

The extent to which SIGs develop and remain active will depend on membership engagement, as each SIG will need a chair or leadership team. We ask that members begin thinking about SIGs they would like to see formed, identifying fellow members who would also be interested in seeing the same SIGs formed and whether they would be interested in leading a SIG. We will be sending surveys to formally pose these questions; survey responses will dictate the initial formation of SIGs.

Should any members like to express interest in seeing particular SIGs formed or taking on a leadership position prior to these surveys being sent, please feel free to contact ECTF Co-chair Nicole DePasquale so that this topic area is included in our survey.