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Div. 20 Fellows Committee report

Introduction of new fellow and process of applying for fellowship.

By Alan Stevens

Congratulations to Anthony Sterns, PhD

As the fellows chair, I am pleased to announce that Anthony Sterns, PhD, has been recognized with fellow status in Div. 20. Fellowship, the highest honor bestowed within Div. 20, is an acknowledgement of distinguished and scholarly contribution to the field of adult development and aging. This recognition is based on his scientific and professional accomplishments and volunteer leadership and service within the field of psychology.

Sterns represents one of the modern trajectories (entrepreneurship, industry) of doctoral training in psychology. Sterns' work in gerotechnology is innovative and clearly fills an important niche in the science of adult development and aging. Sterns was instrumental in developing and evaluating an electronic pillbox and medication adherence system. He has been involved in developing a memory training program, called Memory Magic, for use with older adults with dementia. Sterns has also made a number of contributions is the area of aging workers. He has served as the webmaster for Div. 20 since 2012.

Here is what Sterns has to say about his newly achieved fellow status: “Div. 20 has been a part of my life since I can remember coming to APA as a little kid. And it was exciting for me to be part of Div. 20 as a member throughout my career but especially during the terms my father, Harvey Sterns, PhD, served as president. Through my involvement in Div. 20, I have had the chance to work with and learn from so many influential and pioneering gerontologists. I have also had the chance to collaborate and work with many wonderful colleagues in many disciplines testing and implementing and even commercializing products and services that are aimed at improving the lives of older adults. It has been great to have the chance to present these efforts and get input through these professional affiliations. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my collaborators and all the Div. 20 members who contribute to its mission. It is a great honor to be granted the status of fellow in the division and to be recognized for my contributions to the field.”

A list of those who currently hold fellow status in Div. 20 can be found online.

Become a fellow of Div. 20

Application for fellow status is open to any APA member who meets the criteria of both APA and Div 20. The requirements and access to the online application for initial fellow status are available on the APA fellows website. Div. 20 criteria for fellowship status can be found online. Advice for applicants and endorsers on submitting a successful application is also available on the APA fellows website.

Div. 20 welcomes self- and other nominations for fellow status in APA and the division. There are two processes:

  • If you are currently not a fellow in any division, you would be applying for initial fellow status.
  • If you are a fellow in another division and you are a member of Div. 20, you can request consideration for fellow status in Div. 20.

Nominees should be aware of the importance of the nominee’s self-statement, which must make clear exactly how the nominee has made “unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology,” an essential APA requirement. Such contributions must go well beyond those typically necessary for tenure or promotion recommendations for individuals in academic positions. Also, although not mandatory, evidence of involvement in APA in general and Div. 20 in particular is very helpful and greatly strengthens the application.

Recommenders must fill out two forms. One is called a worksheet and contains a rating scale. The second form, the Fellow Status Evaluation Form, includes the actual letter of recommendation. Nominees are expected to send both forms to their recommenders, unless someone else is handling the entire nomination process. The last day to submit all of the materials for initial fellow applications is Dec. 1, 2018.

The application process for individuals who are already fellows of a division requires only a current CV and brief cover letter sent directly to Alan Stevens. The deadline for submitting materials for current fellows is April 1, 2018.

Please contact Alan Stevens if you have any questions.