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Div. 20 Membership Committee report

Update on membership activities and welcome to new members.

By Gloria Luong

Now that the APA convention is behind us, now is a great time to renew your membership. Remember that APA division memberships run through the calendar year (January through December), so renew now before the craziness of the school year catches up to us. Also, with the new school year comes new students. Students can get their first year of Div. 20 membership free.

Do you have ideas about what kinds of membership benefits you’d like to see from Div. 20? If so, email me.

Please welcome our most recent Div. 20 members, who joined through June 2018:

  • Nadia Brashier
  • Deborah Coleman
  • Nicole Dawson
  • Mark Davis
  • Alexander Erickson*
  • Katrina Hamilton*
  • Harpa Jonsdottir
  • Lori Katzman
  • April Krowel
  • Janet Lau*
  • Caroline McClellan*
  • Rhonda Miller*
  • Lisa Moen*
  • Mandana Mostofi*
  • Constance Nguyen*
  • Madeline Nichols*
  • Cynthia Osias*
  • Jaypee Reyes*
  • Rachael Rodriguez*
  • Rebecca Saracino
  • Rachel Scott*
  • Kimberly Stewart*
  • Stephanie Tipple*
  • Dylan Vavra*
  • James Vaughn
  • Stacey Villanueva*
  • KeShaun Walker*
  • Andrea Weinstein*
  • Matthew Wynn*
  • Patricia Xi*

*Denotes Student Affiliate