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Introduction of new student representatives

Learn about Div. 20’s four new student representatives.

By Katie Anthony, Naomi Meinertz, Lauren Stratton, and Brad Taylor

This year, we are fortunate to have four student representatives contributing to various aspects of Div. 20 activities. In this issue of the newsletter, we thought it would be good to introduce them to you. In future newsletters, they will provide updates on the initiatives on which they are working. If you are a student who would like to become more active in Div. 20 or if you would like to recommend a student for greater participation, please email Brad Taylor.

Katie Anthony

My name is Katie Anthony, and I am one of the new graduate student representatives to Div. 20. I am currently working on my PhD in gerontology at Iowa State University. I am an interdepartmental student who is also in the School of Education, working in instructional technology as well. While my master’s degree is in journalism, I switched courses after my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my immediate family became her primary caregivers. In the process of diagnosis and caregiving, I saw the benefits that technology could offer in the field and in the lives of those diagnosed and caregiving. That is part of the reason why my research interests center on the use of technology as a means of intervention for mental health among older adults. I am particularly interested in social media sites and how those media impact the aging cohort. Like Brad Taylor, I am looking forward to working closely with the other student representatives for Div. 20 and working to increasing the overall presence. I’ll be working primarily on the social media for Div. 20, so I welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Naomi Meinertz

My name is Naomi Meinertz, and I am a doctoral student in Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) at Iowa State University. As part of the Early Career Task Force, I look forward to the opportunity to get back to my psychology roots in the APA community. A little about my background: I recently received my master’s degree in the HDFS from Iowa State University and my undergraduate degree in psychology from Viterbo University in 2014. My master’s thesis addressed group differences in perceptions of aging, and my dissertation topic focuses on the prevention of elder abuse through intervention methods. Through my research assistantship at Iowa State University Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, I gained experience in my core interests of program development, evaluation and translational research.

Lauren Stratton

My name is Lauren Stratton, and I am excited to be serving the Div. 20 Executive Board as a graduate student representative. I am a doctoral student in gerontology at Iowa State University with a home department in human development and family studies. My major professor is Jennifer Margrett, PhD, and my research interests include caregivers of people with dementia, specifically caregiver burden, caregiver knowledge of long-term services and supports and programs that assist caregivers. I am currently involved with a program in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association that trains direct care professional on increasing person-centered care in long-term care facilities. I also work part-time at a long-term care facility as an activity assistant, where I translate the research I study into practice. I am excited to be a graduate student representative and engage with the other students in Div. 20.

Brad Taylor

My name is Brad Taylor, and I am a new graduate student representative to the Div. 20 Executive Board. I am working on my PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Florida, where I am a member of the Cognitive Aging Lab under the supervision of Michael Marsiske, PhD. I am interested in cognitive aging and interventions and neurodegenerative disease. I initially came to study adult development and aging when I did an internship with Fred Unverzagt, PhD, and then was able to get my MA while working in the Center for Healthy Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease Research Lab of Paul Gilbert, PhD. I’m currently involved in a few projects focusing on how a videogame intervention affects mental rotation performance, how Hispanic status moderates cognitive impairment risk factors and the maintenance of training effects in a cognitive intervention. My personal goal is to work closely with the other student representatives to try to make Div. 20 engaging for fellow graduate students and to increase our presence, be it via the Listserv and/or social media.