Div. 21 President's Message

I joined APA as a graduate student, and Div. 21 quickly became my “home” division due to the important research its members were conducting in the field of applied experimental and engineering psychology. Div. 21 blends the rigor of scientific research and application to ensure that evidence-based decisions are taken into account in the design of products and systems for effective human interaction. Members of Div. 21 work in a variety of domains that include consumer products, web and mobile interface design, healthcare systems and technology, aviation, surface transportation, cybersecurity and more. Members of Div. 21 conduct research to understand human performance and/or apply this knowledge to the design of products and systems to optimize human-system outcomes.

Div. 21 is a friendly division, whose members are prominent researchers and/or practitioners who provide mentorship to students and newer members of the division. We invite you to join Div. 21 (Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology) and be part of our family.

Join for Free

Div. 21 is offering free one-year memberships to APA members who are not currently members of Div. 21 and students. Students who become active in the division during their year of free membership are eligible to apply for subsequent free years of membership.

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