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Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology (Division 21)

About Div. 21

Applied experimental and engineering psychology is the application of psychological principles, knowledge, and research to improve the ability of humans to operate more effectively in a technological society.

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Careers in applied experimental and engineering psychology

Div. 21 is at the forefront of a growing field with immense potential for rewarding career opportunities, from classrooms to laboratories and from private firms to government agencies.

Div 21 graduate programs

Graduate programs in applied experimental and engineering psychology

Learn more about applied graduate programs in experimental, engineering psychology, and related fields, such as human factors psychology.

Div. 21 Awards

Div. 21 presents four awards annually to honor exceptional scholarship and research in applied experimental and engineering psychology, particularly from graduate students and early career psychologists.

Div. 21 President's Message

“Applied psychologist” is often what I call myself, as I work in both human factors and industrial-organizational psychology. These are eclectic fields with some shared history that apply psychological theory to design environments (broadly defined) people can use and to enhance well-being and performance in organizations. The term “experimental” in our division name is key, too. We use research and evaluation methodologies to study, better understand, and (hopefully) create solutions for various problems or challenges.

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Div. 21 is offering free one-year memberships to APA members who are not currently members of Div. 21 and students. Students who become active in the division during their year of free membership are eligible to apply for subsequent free years of membership.

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