Div. 21 Convention Program

There are many exciting opportunities for learning and networking with Div. 21 at the APA 2019 convention. Connect with leading professionals and researchers in applied experimental and engineering psychology and discuss topics such as aging, gaming, consumer decision-making and more in Chicago, Aug. 8-11.

Div. 21 President's Message

When one of the early Apple computers came out, my mom had trouble finding the "on/off" button. I soon realized that it wasn’t just my mom having trouble using the new technology. The same type of problem occurred with my classmates in the new computer lab at my college. Although I was fascinated with these sparkling new pieces of technology, I saw that some users had difficulty interacting with the machines. I found myself naturally drawn to helping my peers with this experience. Why can’t it be easy for everyone? I also enjoyed my psychology classes. These interests led me to the field of applied experimental and engineering psychology, and I never looked back.

The field of applied experimental and engineering psychology is rich in stimulating work revolving around how humans interact with technology. We work in domains as diverse as consumer products, healthcare systems and technology, aviation, nuclear power, surface transportation, video game design and many, many others. Our goal is to understand human performance and apply this knowledge to improve human-machine interactions.

Join for Free

Div. 21 is offering free one-year memberships to APA members who are not currently members of Div. 21 and students. Students who become active in the division during their year of free membership are eligible to apply for subsequent free years of membership.

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