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2012 Division 21 award winners

Congratulations to award winners Penelope Sanderson, Poornima Madhavan, Tobias Grundgeiger, R. Garcia-Retamero and E. Cokely

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Division 21 Awards:

  • Franklin V. Taylor Award for Outstanding Contributions in the Field of Applied Experimental/Engineering Psychology: Penelope Sanderson

  • Earl Alluisi Award for Early Career Achievement: Poornima Madhavan

  • George E. Briggs Dissertation Award: Tobias Grundgeiger

  • Raymond Nickerson JEP: Applied Award: Garcia-Retamero, R. & Cokely, E. (2011). Effective communication of risks to young adults: Using message framing and visual aids to increase condom use and STD screening.

These award recipients were invited to deliver an address at the 2013 APA Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I hope you will attend the addresses of last year's award recipients at the 2012 APA Convention on Aug. 2-5, 2012, in Orlando, Fla.:

  • Taylor Award – Frank Durso

  • Alluisi Award – William (Deak) Helton

  • Briggs Award – Deborah Billington

  • Raymond Nickerson JEP: Applied Award - Matthew A. Palmer, Neil Brewer, and Nathan Weber

Congratulations to all award recipients.

Pat DeLucia
Division 21 Awards Committee Chairperson
Immediate Past-President of APA Division 21