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Jason Goertzen

"My involvement with Div. 24, first as a student and now as an early career psychologist, has been of tremendous value for my career. The advice and mentorship that I have received, along with numerous opportunities for networking, have been great. Leaders and 'big names' in the field are never too busy to chat at conferences or respond to emails. I was welcomed as the first student representative on the executive committee, which then led to further involvement with the membership committee. I received support and encouragement for papers I presented within the division's program at the APA convention and our midwinter biennial meeting. I also received an honorable mention one year for the student paper award the division provides for students at the APA convention. My involvement with the division has helped me to build my CV and to make important network contacts who have been instrumental in helping me to further my career. When I think of professional homes for theoretical and philosophical psychology, Div. 24 is one of the few that come to mind, and certainly one of the most desirable."

—Jason Goertzen, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. He received his PhD in 2009. Jason was student representative from 2005-2007, and has been a member of Div. 24 since 2004.

David Goodman

"Simultaneously overwhelmed by the size of APA and discouraged by the difficulty, I had finding conversation partners who valued philosophy and the humanities, so discovering Div. 24 was a welcome experience! The generosity of its long-term members and the opportunities for dialogue and professional and scholarly collaborations have amazed me. Theoreticians and thinkers that I read for years as a graduate student were actually approachable and highly invested in my development! I believe this is a testament to the persons who are active in this division and the ethos of its membership. Now, I find myself attending the annual meetings as an excuse to nurture the friendships and collaborations that have emerged. In the world of theory and philosophy, where many of us work in our respective contexts without the opportunity to integrate our work and interests, Div. 24 is a unique and vital community."

—David Goodman, PhD, an associate at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Hospital and an assistant professor of psychology at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. David has been an active member of Div. 24 since 2006.

Date created: March 2021