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History of the journal

As of Spring 2009, the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology has partnered with APA Journals to publish the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, making this unique journal available to a wider audience. With the Spring 2011 issue, the Journal moved from biannual to quarterly publication. For more information, see Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Read the Spring 2009 Editorial announcing the change.

About the journal

The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology® is devoted to fostering discussion at the interface of psychology, philosophy, and metatheory. The journal addresses ontological, epistemological, ethical, and critical issues in psychological theory and inquiry as well as the implications of psychological theory and inquiry for philosophical issues.

In keeping with the journal's interdisciplinary mission, both psychology and philosophy are construed broadly to encompass a diversity of forms of inquiry such as conceptual, speculative, theoretical, empirical, clinical, historical, literary, and cultural research.

The Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology encourages and facilitates the informed, innovative, and critical exploration and discussion of psychological ideas and practices in both their scientific and philosophical dimensions and interrelationships.

The journal welcomes original articles, essays, and commentaries with philosophical or metatheoretical import from all disciplines concerned with human psychology.

Date created: March 2021