Med Associates Distinguished Contribution to Basic Behavior Analysis Award

This award recognizes innovative and important research that furthers our understanding of basic behavioral processes.

Annual deadline: A call for nominations is issued in the fall.

Sponsor: Div. 25

How to Apply

Nominations should include:

  • At least one letter of nomination.

  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations electronically to April Kisamore.

Past Recipients

2018: John Staddon, Duke University
2017: Howard Rachlin, Stony Brook University
2016: Ed Wasserman, University of Iowa
2015: Peter Urcuioli, Purdue University
2014: Tom Zentall, University of Kentucky
2013: M. Christopher Newland, Auburn University
2012: Peter R. Killeen, Arizona State University
2011: Michael Davison, University of Aukland
2010: Timothy Hackenberg, Reed College
2009: Marc Branch, University of Florida
2008: Murry Sidman, Northeastern University (emeritus)
2007: Francis K. McSweeney, Washington State University
2006: Edmund Fantino, University of California at San Diego
2004: Alan Baron, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2003: Joseph Brady, Johns Hopkins University
2002: Philip Hineline, Temple University
2001: Kennon (Andy) Lattal, West Virginia University
2000: John Harrison, Boston University
1999: Tony Nevin, University of New Hampshire