SEAB Don Hake Translational Research Award

An award for individuals whose work spans basic and applied research and represents the cross-fertilization of the two areas.

Annual deadline: A call for nominations is issued in the fall.

Sponsor: Division 25

The SEAB Don Hake Translational Research Award recognizes distinguished research that bridges the basic/applied continuum of behavior analysis and represents the cross fertilization of both fields. In addition to a $250 award from Div. 25, through the generosity of the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, recipients are given a $500 award.
How to Apply

Nominations should include:

  • At least one letter of nomination.

  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations electronically to Andrew Craig.

Past Recipients

2021: John Borrero, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Iser DeLeon, University of Florida
Alan Poling, Western Michigan University 
Wayne Fisher, Munroe Meyer Institute
2017: Gina Green, Association of Professional Behavior Analysts
2016: David Wacker, University of Iowa
2015: Henry Pennypacker, University of Florida
2014: Arthur W. Staats, PhD
2013: Andy Lattal, West Virginia University
2012: Dermot Barnes-Holmes, National University of Ireland
2011: Warren Bickel, Virginia Tech
2010: Thomas Critchfield, Illinois State University
2009: Kenneth Silverman, Johns Hopkins University
2008: Michael Dougher, University of New Mexico
2007: Howard Rachlin, SUNY
2006: William Dube
2004: Tony Nevin
2003: William McIlvane
2002: Jack Michael
2001: Steve Higgins
2000: Steve Hayes
1999: Joseph Spradlin
1998: A. Charles Catania
1997: Brian A. Iwata
1996: Alexandra W. Logue
1995: F. Charles Mace
1994: Israel Goldiamond
1993: Joseph Brady
1992: Sidney Bijou
1991: Fred Keller
1990: Travis Thompson
1989: Nathan Azrin
1988: Barbara Etzel
1987: Donald M. Baer
1986: Murray Sidman

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