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B. F. Skinner Foundation New Researcher Award

The B. F. Skinner Foundation New Researcher Award for important, innovative work conducted by individuals who are within 10 years of receiving their doctorate.

Annual deadline: A call for nominations is issued in the fall.

Sponsor: Div. 25


This award recognizes innovative and important research in behavior analysis conducted within the first 10 years of receiving a doctorate. One applied and one basic award are given. In addition to a $250 award from Div. 25, through the generosity of the B. F. Skinner Foundation, recipients are given a $500 award.


To be eligible for this award a candidate must have received their doctorate no more than 10 years ago.

How to Apply

Nominations should include:

  • At least one letter of nomination.

  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Please send nominations electronically to Tara Fahmie.

Past Recipients

2020: Basic: Andrew Craig, SUNY Upstate Medical University  
          Applied: Jason Vladescu, Caldwell University
Basic: Mary Margaret Sweeney, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 
          Applied: Brian Greer, Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center
2018: Basic: Justin Yates, Northern Kentucky University
           Applied: Jeanne Donaldson, Louisiana State University
2017: Basic: David Jarmolowicz, University of Kansas
           Applied: Regina Carroll, West Virginia University
2016: Basic: Greg Jensen, Columbia University
           Applied: Derek D. Reed, University of Kansas
2015: Basic: Josh Beckmann, University of Kentucky
           Applied: Bethany Raiff, Rowan University
2014: Basic: Brian D. Kangas, Harvard Medical School
           Applied: Anthony DeFulio, Western Michigan University
2013: Basic: Matthew T. Weaver, Mercyhurst University             
           Applied: Claudia L. Dozier, University of Kansas
2012: Basic: Ryan Ward, Columbia University
           Applied: Jeffrey Tiger, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
2011: Basic: Christopher Podlesnik, University of Michigan
           Applied: Matthew Normand, University of the Pacific
2010: Basic: Paul Soto, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
          Applied: Michael Kelley, University of Southern Maine.
2009: Basic: Jonathan Pinkston, University of Texas Medical Center
           Applied: Ellen Roscoe, The New England Center for Children.
2008: Basic: Federica Sanabria, Arizona State University
          Applied: John Borrero, University of Maryland, Baltimore County 
2007: Basic: Cynthia Pietras, Western Michigan University
          Applied: Rachel Thompson, University of Kansas
2006: Basic: Timothy Shahan, Utah State University
          Applied: Greg Hanley, University of Kansas 
2004: David Richman, University of Kansas
2003: Sung Woo Kahng, Kennedy Krieger Institute
2002: Jim Carr, Western Michigan University
2001: Dorothea Lerman, Louisiana State University
2000: John Forsyth, State University of New York, Albany
1999: Randy Grace, University of Canterbury
1998: Jennifer Zarcone, University of Kansas
1997: Richard G. Smith, University of North Texas
1996: Timothy R. Vollmer, Louisiana State University
1995: Linda Cooper, University of Iowa
1994: Craig Kennedy, University of Hawai'i

Date created: 2014