About the Division 25 Recorder

The Division 25 Recorder is the official publication of the APA’s Division 25 for behavior analysis. It is published annually in the summer and disseminated to the Division 25 membership, division affiliates, student affiliates, and individual and institutional subscribers. The newsletter is also sent to the presidents and newsletter editors of the other APA divisions, officers of APA, the APA, the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies.

The Division 25 Recorder informs readers about the division and APA governance and membership activities. It publishes letters to the editor, open letters to the division’s executive committee, news and notes about experimental, applied, and conceptual analyses of behavior. The newsletter will also contain interviews with prominent scholars and researchers. This newsletter is not an archival publication for scientific manuscripts, but will occasionally publish unsolicited comments and queries.

Submissions should be sent to Editors Dr. Florence D. DiGennaro Reed or Dr. Derek D. Reed.

Subscriptions and changes of address for regular affiliate, student affiliate, individual, and institutional subscriptions should be sent to

Eric A. Jacobs, Secretary-Treasurer Division 25
Department of Psychology
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901-6502

Changes of address for APA members of the division should be sent directly to APA.