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Division History

Archives Project

These archives highlight the history of Div. 28 and the contributions of psychopharmacology and substance use.

The public archives contain a variety of noteworthy documents, from past convention programs and annual reports to congressional briefings concerning the relevance of animal models of substance use and neurotoxicity testing for the safety of the American consumer. The project also includes private archive materials.

Access to the Div. 28 private collection may only be approved and released by the Div. 28 president.

Members and friends of Div. 28 with suggestions of anything to be added, please share these materials and contact Justin Strickland or Mark Smith with any items or questions. We thank you in advance for helping us build our archive.

The Centennial Project

A series of interviews with early presidents of the division conducted during the centennial year of the association.

Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse Newsletter

Our complete collection of newsletters, 1967 to the present, which provide snapshots of the issues, policies, themes, and genealogy of the division.

Morphine Addiction in Chimpanzees

Early studies of by S. D. S. Spragg in the mid-1930s set the stage for modern non-human primate research.
Date created: 2011
Scientist spotlight