Nominations for Div. 28 awards are due Jan. 15 annually, with the exception of the Div. 28 Convention Undergraduate Scholarship, which is due Feb. 18 annually.

Questions about Div. 28 awards or nominations may be emailed to Catherine Stanger. Please put "Div. 28 Nomination" in the subject line on all emails. Questions about the Div. 28 APA Convention Undergraduate Scholarship award or nominations may be emailed to Amy Stamates.

The listings below provide links to more information about current award winners, eligibility and the application and nomination process for each award. Div. 28 is also proud to provide the biographies and research descriptions of awardees

  • Div. 28 APA Convention Undergraduate Scholarship 
    The Div. 28 APA Convention Undergraduate Scholarship provides undergraduate psychology majors (or those in related disciplines) the opportunity to attend APA convention.

  • MED Associates Brady-Schuster Award
    The MED Associates Brady-Schuster Award honors a mid-career or senior scientist who conducts outstanding research underscoring the fundamental importance of behavioral science to psychopharmacology or substance abuse.

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award
    The Outstanding Dissertation Award honors the best recent doctoral dissertation in psychopharmacology and substance abuse.

  • Young Psychopharmacologist Award
    The Young Psychopharmacologist Award recognizes honors a young scientist doing original, meritorious work in psychopharmacology.