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Electronic Communications

Email Lists

The division maintains several email lists in support of its mission:

  •, a discussion list open to the public
  •, an announcement-only list for division members only
  •, a list for Student Affiliates
  •, a list for Early Career Psychologists
  •, a posting address for div28 and div28m subcribers that permits them to post nonduplicatively to both lists. Division members may also log in to this page to search Listserv archives. However, access to this list and to the archives requires a password and division membership.

Commands to adjust the functioning of your email subscription can be submitted easily at the above links or can be sent by email to:

Div28m, Div28 and Div28super Lists

Div28m is the list for the use of members of the Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse of the American Psychological Association, and for other APA members interested in the discipline and practice of psychopharmacology. Announcements of Division activities and requests for information and nominations will be sent here. Discussion of policy and funding issues may also occur here, as do announcements of meetings, employment opportunities, and statements by candidates interested in elective office in the professional association. This list was created from the APA directory database.

Items posted on div28m will automatically be distributed only to div28m members. It was created because many did not wish to listen to some of the discussions that occur on our sister public list, div28, and some members wished to solicit comments principally from their APA colleagues.

These two lists are non-duplicative if used properly. Messages intended to go to both lists should be sent to the list

Then, only one copy will be sent to any member of a division 28 list, regardless of how many divisional lists to which they are subscribed. Thus announcements or other newsworthy items should be sent to div28super if they are to go widely. The div8super list grants permission to post to everyone on the div28m subscriber list; you have full access for posting to both lists.

If you do not intend for your reply to a message received from div28super to go to both lists, start a new message to

All administrative questions you might have about the div28m list should be sent to the following email address:

Social media

Blog, Twitter & Facebook

Most of our content is generated as email. Member mail penetrates the blogosphere at This generates an RSS feed that is listened to by a Twitterfeed account that then pushes the first 140 characters to our twitter presence (@apadiv28) and also generates a wall posting on our Facebook page.

LinkedIn, Ning

Hunting for the right colleague in a employment oriented context? You are likely pre-approved for membership in our LinkedIn group. Ning shows promise as an interest-oriented social networking environment, and there is a nascent group there to generate interest in our discipline.

Listserv® Mailing List Archives

Think you saw something on one of our lists? They are all searchable and archived at the APA Listserv® website (the list correspondence from way way back is archived on our website). Control you subscription options for any given list from your “subscribers corner.”

A Clickable Guide to Division 28 Electronic Media

The hyperlinked image below portrays the overall structure of the division's electronic media network.  You may click on any of the items below to be taken to that system.

Division 28 Electronic Communications Division 28 Facebook Page Division 28 on Twitter Division 28 Blog RSS Feed EXEC28CC List EXEC28 List DIV28S List DIV28M List DIV28 List DIV28SUPER List DIV28ANNOUNCE List Division 28 Blog Division 28 on the Linkedin Network Division 28 on the NING Network

Date created: 2011