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Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse News

Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse News is the official Div. 28 newsletter, published three times per year.

Latest Newsletter Issue

Discover current division activities and as well as timely news and comment concerning the latest topics in psychopharmacology and substance abuse. We encourage you to read our latest issue and consider writing for future issues.

Past Newsletter Issues

The Div. 28 newsletter archives include issues from 1967 to the present, along with lists of former division presidents, newsletter editors and convention program chairs, which may be of interest to individuals looking into the division's history.

Other Div. 28 Publications

From sharing the successes of pioneering scientists in the field to documenting the history of psychopharmacology, Div. 28 documents and publishes a variety of additional resources.

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Scientist Spotlight

This series discusses strategies used by successful scientists to achieve excellence. Early career psychologists in particular may find these stories from senior and midlevel scientists inspiring for how to begin a psychology career and to achieve work-life balance.
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Div. 28 History and Archives

Learn more about milestones in psychology, psychopharmacology and substance abuse and the vital contributions of Div. 28 scientists, such as groundbreaking research on morphine addiction in chimps, through research, advocacy, clinical work and more.

Other Division Publications