Division 28 Award Winners

The award winners are Darrick Balu, PhD, Jennifer Perry, PhD and Victor G. Laties, PhD.

By David S. Festinger

Division 28 is pleased to announce this year’s distinguished group of award winners. This year’s nominations resulted in a particularly close race in all categories due to the stellar group of candidates. As such, all nominees should be congratulated. Division 28 traditionally presents three separate awards to honor individuals who have displayed excellence and achievement at different stages of their academic and scientific careers.

The first award, the Outstanding Dissertation Award, must be based on a completed dissertation in psychopharmacology or substance abuse. This award honors the best doctoral dissertation in psychopharmacology and substance abuse of the past year. The winner of this award receives a $250 cash prize, an engraved plaque, and travel support to attend and present an address at this year’s annual APA convention. This year’s very disserving winner is Darrick Balu, PhD for his dissertation entitled “Enhanced Sensitivity of the MRL/MpJ Mouse to the Neuroplastic and Behavior Effects of Antidepressant Treatments.”

The second award, the Wyeth Young Psychopharmacologist Award, encourages excellence in research at the interface between the disciplines of pharmacology and psychology, by honoring a young scientist who is conducting meritorious work in psychopharmacology. The winner of this award receives a cash prize of $500, an engraved plaque, and travel support to attend and present an address at this year’s convention. The division is honored to name Jennifer Perry, PhD the recipient of this year’s award. Dr. Perry’s address at this year’s convention is entitled "Psychostimulants and impulsive choice in rats."

Finally, the Brady-Schuster Award (sponsored by MED Associates), is designed to honor senior scientists who have conducted outstanding research underscoring the fundamental importance of behavioral science to psychopharmacology or substance abuse. The winner of the award receives a cash award of $500, an engraved plaque, and travel support to attend and present an address at this year’s annual convention. This year, Division 28 proudly honors Victor G. Laties, PhD, for his unmatched commitment to exceptional research and his revolutionary contributions to the field of behavioral pharmacology. His interests in the human behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs and toxic substances pioneered a series of influential reviews on, for example, meprobamate, carbon monoxide, and amphetamine. In addition to his tremendous scientific contributions, Dr. Laties has served as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (SEAB) and Executive Editor of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB). Since his retirement in 1993, he remains an active and influential voice, carefully managing the Web page for the SEAB journals. Dr. Laties’ address at this year’s meeting will focus on B. F. Skinner’s Contributions to Behavioral Pharmacology.

Division 28 is proud to honor this year’s winners who truly exemplify dedication and excellence in psychopharmacology and science. We strongly encourage all members to attend the awardees’ addresses during this year’s conference in Toronto.