Fellowship Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Genetics of Behavioral Risk and Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism

(US citizens/residents)

Training grant position is available for 2-3 years of postdoctoral training in behavioral genetics in the University of Michigan Addiction Research Center (UMARC). The project involves an ongoing collaboration to study the genetics of behavioral risk relevant to alcohol and other drug abuse in a longitudinal (>20 years) sample of nearly 500 families enriched for alcohol and other substance abuse. Psychological and behavioral as well as substance abuse variables are available on close to 2000 individuals, in about half of them since early childhood. A subset of the sample has been genotyped for >1000 SNPs in >100 candidate genes. The data will allow genetic association studies, gene x gene, gene x environment and behavioral pathway analyses. Additional genotyping may also be performed by the fellow as needed although the major effort will be on analysis. Candidates should be recent (<5 years) Ph.D.s in psychology, genetics, bioinformatics, or statistics who seek cross-training in the other disciplines. Interested MDs with expertise in one of these areas are also invited to apply. Please send applications - go to website for requirements - to Dr. Margit Burmeister by e-mail or Dr. Kristi Rahrig Jenkins by e-mail.