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Table of Contents for Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

List of articles for June 2009.

Volume 17, Issue 3, June 2009

Editor, Nancy K. Mello, PhD
  1. O. Garcia-Rodriguez, R. Secades-Villa, S.T. Higgins, J.R. Fernandez- Hermida, J.L. Carballo, J.M. Errasti Perez, S. Al-halabi Diaz. Effects of Voucher-Based Intervention on Abstinence and Retention in an Outpatient Treatment for Cocaine Addiction: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Pages 131-138.
  2. P. Romanowich, J. Mintz, R.J. Lamb. The Relationship Between Self- Efficacy and Reductions in Smoking in a Contingency Management Procedure. Pages 139-145.
  3. J. Bell, J. Shearer, A. Ryan, R. Graham, K. Korompay, S. Rizzo, D. Sindhusake, A.A. Somogyi. The Acceptability, Safety, and Tolerability of Methadone/Naloxone in a 50:1 Ratio. Pages 146-153.
  4. P.R. Giancola, C. A. Levinson, M.D. Corman, A.J. Godlaski, D.H. Morris, J.P. Phillips, J.C.D. Holt. Men and Women, Alcohol and Aggression. Pages 154-164.
  5. R. Vuchinich, D. Wallace, J.B. Milby, J.E. Schumacher, S. Mennemeyer, S. Kertesz. Relations Between In-Treatment and Follow-Up Abstinence Among Cocaine-Dependent Homeless Persons in Three Clinical Trials. Pages 165-172.
  6. J.M. Carlson, D.G. Gilbert, H. Riise, N.E. Rabinovich, C. Sugai, B. Froeliger. Serotonin Transporter Genotype and Depressive Symptoms Moderate Effects of Nicotine on Spatial Working Memory. Pages 173-180.
  7. A.A. Vujanovic, M.J. Zvolensky. Anxiety Sensitivity, Acute Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms, and Anxious and Fearful Responding to Bodily Sensations: A Laboratory Test. Pages 181-190.
  8. R. Wald, N. Dodman, L. Shuster. The Combined Effects of Memantine and Fluoxetine on an Animal Model of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Pages 191-197.
  9. J. Zhu, X. Wei, J. Liu, Y. Hu, J. Xu. Interaction of Glia Activation and Neurotransmission in Hippocampus of Neuropathic Rats Treated with Mirtazipine. Pages 198-203.