Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism: Stress, Anxiety, and Alcohol Abuse

Call for pilot projects applications

Application Deadline: October 1, 2009

The Integrative Neuroscience Initiative on Alcoholism: Stress, Anxiety, and Alcohol Abuse (aka INIAstress) is soliciting pilot project applications to compliment and enhance the research ongoing in this consortium. The major goal of the INIAstress is to more fully understand neural responses to stress and alcohol, and how they may influence excessive alcohol consumption in organisms ranging from mice to monkeys and humans. We have put together this research consortium to gain much needed information about the neural effects of stress, alcohol and stress/alcohol interactions. Our projects address the expression and function of key neuronal molecules, neuronal activity and synaptic efficacy, genetic factors that contribute to alcohol-stress interactions, as well as stress-related conditioning and ethanol self- administration. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit our web site at Instructions for preparation of pilot projects

Pilot applications must address at least one aspect of our consortium specific aims and actively interact with our Informatics Core. Interaction with the other cores (Gene-Targeted Mouse Core, Mouse Resources Core, Neurosteroid Core) is also encouraged. Again, detailed information concerning all cores and funded projects are available on the web site.

Four pilots will be considered for funding for one to two years with a budget up to $50,000 per year direct costs, plus indirect costs (per applicant’s institutional agreement with DHHS). Second year funding will be contingent upon progress and the availability of funds.

Research descriptions should be prepared using PHS 398 forms found on the NIH website. The information provided should include: a) Face page fully completed and signed by institutional representative. b) Abstract and key personnel. c) A budget, including a detailed budget for the first year and a budget for the entire proposed project period (normally two years). Do not include travel funds for either year. d) A biosketch of essential personnel. The following information should not exceed five pages total e) Specific Aims, f) Background and Significance, g) Research Design and Methods. Please describe studies for a two-year period. The following are exempt from the five-page limit h) As applicable, human and animal subjects, women and minority subjects, i) Consortium/collaborative arrangements if applicable, j) Literature cited, k) Appendices. Submit an electronic copy of the application, including appendices, to Chris Larsen, INIA Manager by e-mail. You will receive a confirmation upon submission. Deadline is October 1, 2009.