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From the Editor

William W. Stoops shares thoughts on his final term as editor of the Division 28 newsletter.

By William W. Stoops

This newsletter represents the final edition for my term as editor. It has been a true pleasure to serve Division 28 in this capacity for the past three years and I am looking forward to continuing my service within the Division as Secretary for the next three years. I would like to thank all that helped ensure the success of our newsletter, particularly the presidents during my term (Kim Kirby, John Roll and Hendree Jones) and those that contributed content. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the newsletter as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Kelly Dunn will be taking over as newsletter editor for the next three years. Kelly is not only an outstanding young scientist; she is also an individual committed to scientific service and a good friend and colleague. I know that the newsletter will continue to blossom under her direction.

You may notice that I used the words service or serve 3 separate times in the paragraph above. Service to our scientific field is very important to me. It is also one of the things I enjoy most about my career. I know that each of us strives to be the best scientist and/or clinician that we can be, but sometimes service gets lost. It is vital that each of us makes an effort to serve our field in some capacity; volunteering for Division 28 is a great way to do that. The Division provides service opportunities for individuals at all levels and it does important work—particularly in terms of advocacy, mentorship and networking. If you have any interest in volunteering with Division 28, I urge you to contact our current president, Hendree Jones, or our incoming president, Mark Greenwald. I know they would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks again to all the newsletter contributors, and thanks to you, reader, for helping these past three years as editor be so successful and enjoyable.