Feature column

From the President’s Desk

President Hendree E. Jones, PhD highlights accomplishments from 2010.

By Hendree E. Jones

It is hard to believe that 2010 almost upon us and that my year as President will be over. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve you in 2010. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful division members and Executive Committee members who provide countless hours to support the activities of our Division.

As I look back on this year, clearly one of the most noteworthy highlights was the fantastic convention we had in San Diego, California. Our Division sponsored multiple symposia, poster sessions with social hours, Continuing Education (CE) workshops, sessions for awards winners and the annual Presidential Address. The Presidential Address took on a new twist this year as I was delighted to share my presentation time with two Early Career Psychologists (ECPs), Diomaris Jurecska and Annie Kleykamp. Giving these bright and enthusiastic ECPs time to showcase their work was a very important marker of my presidency. I am forever grateful to our 2010 Convention Program Chair, Matthew Johnson for developing and stewarding a fantastic APA Convention program that included a few highly popular, standing-room only presentations by our members.

As I continue to reflect back over the year, I am awe-struck at the motivation and dedication that many of our members have to our Division. I am indebted to Past-Presidents John Roll and Kim Kirby for your thoughtful words of wisdom and guidance, which made my task as your President all that much easier – and more enjoyable! It has been a delight working with President-Elect Mark Greenwald who has been a terrific source of support and energy for the work we have done this year. Thank you to Council Representative and Board of Scientific Affairs member Ken Sher; Board of Scientific Affairs Member Bob Balster and Continuing Education Liaison Marlyne Kilbey for your expert advice and guidance. I am grateful to our Members-at-Large: Stacey Sigmon, Anthony Liguori and Wendy Lynch for your willingness to undertake tasks to support the success of the Division. Secretary, Mark Smith, I greatly thank you for your positive words of support, as well as your thorough and careful minutes that document our many discussions, decisions, and action items. Newsletter Editor, William (Bill) Stoops, you also have my great thanks for all of your positive support, excellent edits, and high-quality – and engaging – newsletters. It has been a true joy to work with Early Career Psychologist Representatives Kelly Dunn and Sarah Tragesser, Student Representative Jennifer Brielmaier, Membership Chair Nicole Avena and incoming Membership Chair Ryan Vandrey. You each have terrific energy that bodes well for the bright future of Division 28. Thank you to our Treasurer Jane B. Acri who has worked quietly and tirelessly for Division 28 for at least 14 years. Thank you to Science Directorate Liaison and President-Elect 2012, Rick Bevins for your readiness to assume any task asked of you. Thank you to Women’s Network Representative Nancy Piotrowski for representing our division so well and toDivisional Awards David Festinger and Fellows Chair Stephen Heishman for both working so hard to ensure the utmost quality and integrity on our application and decision processes around these exciting and sometimes sensitive areas. A full world of thanks goes to Webmaster Victor Laties and Electronic Information Officer Ronald W. Wood for keeping Division 28 on the cutting-edge of the ever-changing social media. I see you both as the CNS of Division 28 and it is a joy to work and learn from your both.

Over this year, we have made great strides in putting new strategies into effect to grow our membership. Our social events at both CPDD and the APA convention have yielded a huge pay-off in terms of more than doubling our current ECP membership. I feel confident that our investments in leading social media will help to continue this very exciting growing momentum. These efforts have come with real monetary costs to Division 28 and as in 2006 and 2007, our expenses have exceeded our income. Our primary source of income is from our APA membership dues and while our mean membership age has dropped from 70 to 64 years, members over 65 do not pay membership dues. Thus, while we are making great strides to increase the proportion of younger members, we still have a substantial proportion of our members who do not pay dues and this adversely impacts our cash flow.

If I had to name one area of disappointment regarding my year in office, it is that I haven’t been able to focus more on the issue of advocating for psychological science. However, I am very happy that the next two elected Presidents, Mark Greenwald and Rick Bevins, are both committed to focusing efforts to increase Division 28’s work and visibility in this area.

In closing, I am deeply thankful to each of our members for their involvement in Division 28. We have an amazing and diverse group of members who are the spirit of this Division. I hope that I have made as much of a positive impact on the life of Division 28 as it has made on my life.