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Table of Contents for Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

List of articles for Volume 19, Issue 1, 2011.

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2011

  • Correction for Rose et al., (2010).
    Rose, Jed, E.; Turner, James, E.; Murugesan, T.; Behm, Frédérique M.; Laugesen, Murray. Page iii.
  • Comparison of the effects of methamphetamine, bupropion, and methylphenidate on the self- administration of methamphetamine by rhesus monkeys.
    Schindler, Charles W.; Gilman, Joanne P.; Panlilio, Leigh V.; McCann, David J.; Goldberg, Steven R. Pages 1-10.
  • Galantamine improves sustained attention in chronic cocaine users.
    Sofuoglu, Mehmet; Waters, Andrew J.; Poling, James; Carroll, Kathleen M. Pages 11-19
  • Contingency management for behavior change: Applications to promote brief smoking cessation among opioid-maintained patients.
    Dunn, Kelly E.; Saulsgiver, Kathryn A.; Sigmon, Stacey C. Pages 20-30.
  • An index of relative central a-adrenergic receptor antagonism by antipsychotic medications.
    Minzenberg, Michael J.; Yoon, Jong H. Pages 31-39.
  • A multimodal approach to assessing the impact of nicotine dependence, nicotine abstinence, and craving on negative affect in smokers.
    Robinson, Jason D.; Lam, Cho Y.; Carter, Brian L.; Minnix, Jennifer A.; Cui, Yong; Versace, Francesco; Wetter, David W.; Cinciripini, Paul M. Pages 40-52.
  • Stress, habits, and drug addiction: A psychoneuroendocrinological perspective.
    Schwabe, Lars; Dickinson, Anthony; Wolf, Oliver T. Pages 53-63.
  • Beliefs about aggression moderate alcohol's effects on aggression.
    Levinson, Cheri A.; Giancola, Peter R.; Parrott, Dominic J. Pages 64-74
  • Effects of transdermal nicotine and concurrent smoking on cognitive performance in tobacco- abstinent smokers.
    Kleykamp, Bethea A.; Jennings, Janine M.; Eissenberg, Thomas. Pages 75-84.