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Volume 19: Issue 2 - Table of Contents

Psychopharmacological effects o oxycodone in volunteers with and without generalized anxiety disorder
Zacny, James P.; Gutierrez, Sandra; Kirulus, Karin; McCracken, Stanley G. Pages 85-94

Cocaethylene formation following ethanol and cocaine administration by different routes
Herbst, Ellen D.; Harris, Debra S.; Everhart, E. Thomas; Mendelson, John; Jacob, Peyton; Jones, Reese T. Pages 95-104

The influence of nicotine dose and nicotine dose expectancy on the cognitive and subjective effects of cigarette smoking
Juliano, Laura M.; Fucito, Lisa M.; Harrell, Paul T. Pages 105-115

Concurrent alcohol dependence among methadone-maintained cocaine abusers is associate with greater abstinence
Byrne, Shannon A.; Petry, Nancy M. Pages 116-122

Examining the use of tramadol hydrochloride as an antidepressant
Barber, Justin Pages 123-130

Computer-controlled drug doses for IV drug self-administration
Fivel, Peter A. Pages 131-133

Adverse consequences of acute inhalant intoxication
Garland, Eric L.; Howard, Matthew O. Pages 134-144

Effect of methylphenidate on motivation in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Chelonis, John J.; Johnson, Teresa A.; Ferguson, Sherry A.; Berry, Kimberly J.; Kubacak,
Brian; Edwards, Mark C.; Paule, Merle G. Pages 145-153

Tolerance to chronic delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) in rhesus macaques infected with simian immunodeficiency virus
Winsauer, Peter J.; Molina, Patricia E.; Amedee, Angela M.; Filipeanu, Catalin M.; McGoey, Robin R.; Troxclair, Dana A.; Walker, Edith M.; Birke, Leslie L.; Stouwe, Curtis Vande; Howard, Jessica M.; Leonard, Stuart T.; Moerschbaecher, Joseph M.; Lewis, Peter B. Pages 154-172

Interaction effects of age and contingency management treatments in cocainedependent outpatients
Weiss, Lindsay M.; Petry, Nancy M. Pages 173-181

Volume 19: Issue 3 - Table of Contents

Effects of nicotine on attention and inhibitory control in healthy nonsmokers
Wignall, Nicholas D.; de Wit, Harriet Pages 183-191

Smoking cessation in peri- and postmenopausal women: A review
McVay, Megan A.; Copeland, Amy L. Pages 192-202

Discriminative and reinforcing stimulus effects of nicotine, cocaine, and cocaine + nicotine combinations in rhesus monkeys
Mello, Nancy K.; Newman, Jennifer L. Pages 203-214

Nicotine effects on general semantic priming in Parkinson's disease
Holmes, Anna D.; Copland, David A.; Silburn, Peter A.; Chenery, Helen J. Pages 215-223

Cue-induced craving for marijuana in cannabis-dependent adults
Lundahl, Leslie H.; Johanson, Chris-Ellyn Pages 224-230

Why so impulsive? White matter alterations are associated with impulsivity in chronic marijuana smokers
Gruber, Staci A.; Silveri, Marisa M.; Dahlgren, Mary Kathryn; Yurgelun-Todd, Deborah Pages 231-242

Delay discounting is associated with treatment response among cocainedependent outpatients
Washio, Yukiko; Higgins, Stephen T.; Heil, Sarah H.; McKerchar, Todd L.; Badger, Gary J.; Skelly, Joan M.; Dantona, Robert L. Pages 243-248

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