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Volume 19: Issue 4 — Table of Contents

  • Tobacco psychopharmacology and public health policy: It takes a community.
    Henningfield, Jack E. Pages 249-262
  • Discounting of hypothetical and potentially real outcomes in nicotine-dependent and nondependent samples.
    Lawyer, Steven R.; Schoepflin, Frederick; Green, Ryan; Jenks, Charles Pages 263-274
  • A multivariate assessment of individual differences in sensation seeking and impulsivity as predictors of amphetamine self-administration and prefrontal dopamine function in rats.
    Marusich, Julie A.; Darna, Mahesh; Charnigo, Richard J.; Dwoskin, Linda P.; Bardo, Michael T. Pages 275-284
  • Reinforcement magnitude modulation of rate dependent effects in pigeons and rats.
    Ginsburg, Brett C.; Pinkston, Jonathan W.; Lamb, R. J. Pages 285-294
  • Extension of the simulated drinking game procedure to multiple drinking games.
    Cameron, Jennifer M.; Leon, Matthew R.; Correia, Christopher J. Pages 295-302
  • Role of impulsivity in the relationship between depression and alcohol problems among emerging adult college drinkers.
    Gonzalez, Vivian M.; Reynolds, Brady; Skewes, Monica C. Pages 303-313
  • Correction to Guillot et al., (2010).
    Guillot, Casey R.; Fanning, Jennifer R.; Bullock, Joshua S.; McCloskey, Michael S.; Berman, Mitchell E. Page 313
  • Expecting innovation: Psychoactive drug primes and the generation of creative solutions.
    Hicks, Joshua A.; Pederson, Sarah L.; Friedman, Ronald S.; McCarthy, Denis M. Pages 314-320

Volume 19: Issue 5 — Table of Contents

  • Psychomotor stimulant effects of cocaine in rats and 15 mouse strains.
    Thomsen, Morgane; Caine, S. Barak Pages 321-341
  • Psychomotor stimulation by dopamine D1-like but not D2-like agonists in most mouse strains.
    Thomsen, Morgane; Ralph, Rebecca J.; Caine, S. Barak Pages 342-360
  • Risk-taking and alcohol use disorders symptomatology in a sample of problem drinkers.
    Ashenhurst, James R.; Jentsch, J. David; Ray, Lara A. Pages 361-370
  • A Combi-Stroop test for measuring food-related attentional bias.
    Fadardi, Javad Salehi; Bazzaz, Masoud Moghaddaszadeh Pages 371-377
  • The effects of acute alcohol intoxication, partner risk level, and generational intention to have unprotected sex on women’s sexual decision making with a new partner.
    Purdie, Michele Parkhill; Norris, Jeanette; Davis, Kelly Cue; Zawacki, Tina; Morrison, Diane M.; George, William H.; Kiekel, Preston A. Pages 378-388