Table of Contents

Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology: 2013, Volume 21 (4)

  • Sex differences in negative affect and lapse behavior during acute tobacco abstinence: A laboratory study.
    Pang, Raina D., and Leventhal, Adam M.
    Pages 269-276
  • Test-retest reliability and gender differences in the sexual discounting task among cocaine-dependent individuals.
    Johnson, Matthew W.; and Bruner, N.R.
    Pages 277-286
  • Marijuana's dose dependent effects in daily marijuana smokers.
    Ramesh, Divya; Haney, Margaret; and Cooper, Ziva D.
    Pages 287-293
  • Randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial of gabapentin during an outpatient, buprenorphine-assisted detoxification procedure.
    Sanders, Nichole C.; Mancino, Michael J.; Gentry, W. Brooks; Guise, J. Benjamin; Bickel, Warren, K.; Thostenson, Jeff; and Oliveto, Alison H.
    Pages 294-302
  • A human alcohol self-administration paradigm to model individual differences in impaired control over alcohol use.
    Leeman, Robert F.; Corbin, William R.; Nogueira, Christine; Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra; Potenza, Marc N.; and O'Malley, Stephanie S.
    Pages 303-314
  • Assessing impulsivity in prepubertal male rates: A novel device and method to assess motor and cognitive impulsivity.
    Juárez, Jorge; Muñoz-Villegas, Patricia; Guerrero-Álvarez, Ángeles; and Flores-Ocampo, Paola
    Pages 315-322
  • A method for conducting functional MRI studies in alert nonhuman primates: Initial results with opioid agonists in male cynomolgus monkeys.
    Kaufman, Marc J.; Janes, Amy C.; Frederick, Blaise deB.; Brimson-Théberge, Melanie; Tong, Yunjie; McWilliams, Samuel B.; Bear, Ashley; Gillis, Timothy E.; Schrode, Katrina M.; Renshaw, Perry F.; and Stevens Negus, S.
    Pages 332-341
  • Effects of cabergoline on hyperprolactinemia, psychopathology, and sexual functioning in schizophrenic patients.
    Kalkavoura, Christina S.; Michopoulos, Ioannis; Arvanitakis, Periklis; Theodoropoulou, Pitsa; Dimopoulou, Konstantina; Tzebelikos, Errikos; and Lykouras, Lefteris.
    Pages 332-341