Changes to the Division 28 Bylaws

By Kelly Dunn, PhD

The division members, via email vote, approved proposed changes to our bylaws in May 2014. These changes were proposed mainly as a means of expediting the membership process and were drafted by our membership chair, Dustin Stairs, PhD. The changes allow individuals who are joining APA via the new online membership portal to simultaneously request to become a member of Div. 28. To be consistent with the membership requirements for APA, the new bylaws have also redefined the requirements for being a member and associate member of the division to include a doctoral degree in psychology or a substantially related field. This latter change does not impact student or other types of affiliate members. An updated copy of the bylaws has been posted to the Div. 28 website. If you have additional questions about the changes or would like a full text copy of the bylaws, please email me.