Candidate Statement

Member at large candidate statements

Read statements by Cecile A. Marczinski, PhD, and Matthew T. Weaver, PhD, Div. 28 member at large candidates.

Cecile A. Marczinski, PhD

Cecile A. Marczinski, PhD As a fellow of Div. 28, I am delighted to be considered for a member at large position. I am currently an associate professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University. My NIH-funded research examines the risks of mixing alcohol and energy drinks using laboratory-based models with human volunteers. Given that my research is being conducted at a primarily undergraduate institution, I have valued the collegiality and inclusiveness of Div. 28, which is clearly my intellectual home at APA. If elected, I could contribute in two separate ways to the growth and prominence of this division. First, I have an interest in social media and have received training from the National Science Foundation in science dissemination using new media. The division could incorporate some new and innovative ways to promote the cutting-edge research being done by members of our division. Second, the growth of division membership is a priority. In my view, the division could more effectively expand the reach to individuals who are doing work in a variety of institutions, including primarily undergraduate schools. Having just completed a three-year elected term with the Council on Undergraduate Research, it became clear to me that there are many psychologists conducting research in psychopharmacology and substance abuse who are not members our division. Therefore, my background would be appropriate to reach out to these individuals to show them that this division is for them, just as it for me. Thank you for considering me for this position.

Matthew T. Weaver, PhD

Matthew T. Weaver, PhD I am honored to be considered for member at large in Div. 28. I believe that my history within APA, current academic position, experience in both human and non-human animal settings, and imminent transition for early- to mid-career will allow me to represent some of the diversity within our division.

As a member of APA and Div. 28, I have attended all conventions since 2009 and was chosen to serve as the 2015 program chair under President Bill Stoops. I have also been involved with the leadership of another scientific division Div. 25 (Behavior Analysis). My experiences have allowed me to form valuable relationship with other scientifically oriented divisions of APA, and understand the role our division plays both within and outside of APA.

I am an assistant professor of psychology at Mercyhurst University, where my time is balanced between research, the classroom and mentoring undergraduates. This setting provides a perspective that will help give a voice to researchers at primarily undergraduate institutions. Additionally, my active research line, training and connection to traditional training settings and experience with human and non-human research will allow me to maintain connections to contemporary psychopharmacology. Finally, as I transition from early- to mid-career roles I will be able to advocate for these groups.

In summary, I plan to be a member at large who will act with care for our members and regard for the mission of our division. I would like to thank the division for the opportunity and our members for their consideration.