New Committee

A new Div. 28 Social Media Committee

A call for members.

The Social Media Committee for Div. 28 is looking for volunteers to form a work group for the Social Media Committee (SMC). The SMC was recently formed by the current President William Stoops and members may have noticed some of the committee's efforts via tweets posting Div. 28 events at the conference in Toronto. I am serving as the chair and other committee members include Ron Wood, Kelly Dunn, Matthew Weaver and Mikhail Koffarnus.

The SMC is looking for approximately six to eight volunteers representing the broad base of Div. 28 members to help define the direction and role of the Div. 28 Social Media Committee. As part of the work group, you will be responsible for talking to colleagues that are either in Div. 28 or potential Div. 28 members with the goal of establishing how best to serve Div. 28 within the context of the SMC. While the types of questions to be asked will be developed by the work group, pertinent questions will likely include the following: How to best increase the presence of Div. 28 on the Web without being too intrusive, appropriate forms of social media to spread information related to Div. 28, and general guidelines as to what the future role of the Social Media Committee should be in Div. 28. Volunteers should plan on serving on the work group for one year and engaging in phone-based conferences calls approximately three to four times over the course of that year. Other forms of communication will predominately consist of email.

If you are interested in volunteering for this work group, please email with the headline “Div. 28 workgroup.” Please include a copy of your CV/biosketch and a brief statement as to why you are interested in volunteering for the workgroup.