Div. 28 Candidate Statements

Statements from candidates for Div. 28 member-at-large

Ryan Vandrey, PhD, and Matthew Weaver, PhD, are candidates for Div. 28 member-at-large.

By Ryan Vandrey, PhD, and Matthew T. Weaver, PhD

Ryan Vandrey, PhD

Ryan Vandrey, PhD I am an experimental psychologist (PhD from University of Vermont) and currently an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit. I have received federal, industry and private funding for my research and have maintained full grant support since joining the JHU faculty in 2007. I was the recipient of the Young Psychopharmacologist Award from Div. 28 in 2010 and also previously served Div. 28 as program chair (2007) and membership chair (2011-13). My research focuses on the behavioral pharmacology of cannabis (marijuana) and nicotine/tobacco. Research accomplishments include the conduct of controlled laboratory studies to characterize the cannabis withdrawal syndrome, medications development for treating cannabis and tobacco use disorders, evaluation of cannabis pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics across routes of administration, and evaluation of nicotine dose effects in cigarettes. I have authored over 40 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and nine book chapters. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving Div. 28 and the greater APA as member-at-large.

Matthew Weaver, PhD

Matthew Weaver, PhD I am honored to be considered as member-at-large for Div. 28. I believe that my experience within our division and my current academic appointment will make me a valuable addition to our division leadership. This past year I served as program chair for the 2015 convention. During that time I forged positive relationships with our division membership and leadership. I currently am an assistant professor at Mercyhurst University. I maintain an active research agenda and my work has been published in sources such as Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Psychopharmacology and Nicotine and Tobacco Research. As member-at-large I would further our mission within APA and our greater scientific community.