Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Table of Contents: 2015, Vol. 23(6)

Recently published articles in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology®.
  1. Sex differences in cannabis withdrawal symptoms among treatment-seeking cannabis users. Pages 415-421. Herrmann, Evan S.; Weerts, Elise M.; Vandrey, Ryan.
  2. An application of analyzing the trajectories of two disorders: A parallel piecewise growth model of substance use and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Pages 422-427. Mamey, Mary Rose; Barbosa-Leiker, Celestina; McPherson, Sterling; Burns, G. Leonard; Parks, Craig; Roll, John.
  3. Pain volatility and prescription opioid addiction treatment outcomes in patients with chronic pain. Pages 428-435. Worley, Matthew J.; Heinzerling, Keith G.; Shoptaw, Steven; Ling, Walter.
  4. Boundary conditions of methamphetamine craving. Pages 436-444. Lopez, Richard B.; Onyemekwu, Chukwudi; Hart, Carl L.; Ochsner, Kevin N.; Kober, Hedy.
  5. Differential effects and temporal course of attentional and motivational training on excessive drinking. Pages 445-454. Cox, W. Miles; Fadardi, Javad S.; Hosier, Steven G.; Pothos, Emmanuel M.
  6. Heroin delay discounting: Modulation by pharmacological state, drug-use impulsivity, and intelligence. Pages 455-463. Stoltman, Jonathan J.K.; Woodcock, Eric A.; Lister, Jamey J.; Lundahl, Leslie H.; Greenwald, Mark K.
  7. Experimental study on the effects of anxiety sensitivity and somatosensory amplification on the response to the 35% CO₂ challenge in abstinent smokers. Pages 464-476. Cosci, Fiammetta; Ibrahim, Hussein Mohamed Hussein; Nannini, Alice; Schruers, Koen.
  8. Reinforcing value of smoking relative to physical activity and the effects of physical activity on smoking abstinence symptoms among young adults. Pages 477-485. Audrain-McGovern, Janet; Strasser, Andrew A.; Ashare, Rebecca; Wileyto, E. Paul.
  9. A feasibility study of home-based contingency management with adolescent smokers of rural Appalachia. Pages 486-493. Reynolds, Brady; Harris, Millie; Slone, Stacey A.; Shelton, Brent J.; Dallery, Jesse; Stoops, William; Lewis, Russell.
  10. Characterizing use patterns and perceptions of relative harm in dual users of electronic and tobacco cigarettes. Pages 494-503. Rass, Olga; Pacek, Lauren R.; Johnson, Patrick S.; Johnson, Matthew W.
  11. A modified exponential behavioral economic demand model to better describe consumption data. Pages 504-512. Koffarnus, Mikhail N.; Franck, Christopher T.; Stein, Jeffrey S.; Bickel, Warren K.