Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Table of Contents: 2016, Vol. 24(1)

Recently published articles in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology®.
  1. Determining menstrual phase in human biobehavioral research: A review with recommendations. Pages 1-11. Allen, Alicia M.; McRae-Clark, Aimee L.; Carlson, Samantha; Saladin, Michael E.; Gray, Kevin M.; Wetherington, Cora Lee; McKee, Sherry A.; Allen, Sharon S. 
  2. Comparison of nicotine dependence indicators in predicting quitting among pregnant smokers. Pages 12-17. Kurti, Allison N.; Davis, Danielle R.; Skelly, Joan M.; Redner, Ryan; Higgins, Stephen T.
  3. Discounting of qualitatively different delayed health outcomes in current and never smokers. Pages 18-29. Friedel, Jonathan E.; DeHart, William B.; Frye, Charles C. J.; Rung, Jillian M.; Odum, Amy L.
  4. Impulsivity and polysubstance use: A systematic comparison of delay discounting in mono-, dual-, and trisubstance use. Pages 30-37. Moody, Lara; Franck, Christopher; Hatz, Laura; Bickel, Warren K.
  5. A behavioral economic analysis of the nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young adults. Pages 38-47. Pickover, Alison M.; Messina, Bryan G.; Correia, Christopher J.; Garza, Kimberly B.; Murphy, James G.
  6. Reporting of problematic drinkers and the harm they cause: Assessing the role of alcohol use, sex, and age of those affected by a problematic drinker. Pages 48-54. Ferris, Jason; Devaney, Madonna; Davis, Gabrielle; Mazerolle, Lorraine.
  7. Oxytocin decreases cocaine taking, cocaine seeking, and locomotor activity in female rats. Pages 55-64. Leong, Kah-Chung; Zhou, Luyi; Ghee, Shannon M.; See, Ronald E.; Reichel, Carmela M.
  8. Comparison of effects produced by nicotine and the α4β2-selective agonist 5-I-A-85380 on intracranial self-stimulation in rats. Pages 65-75. Freitas, Kelen; Carroll, F. Ivy; Negus, S. Stevens.