Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Table of Contents: 2016, Vol. 24(2)

Recently published articles in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology®.
  1. Derived relations moderate the association between changes in the strength of commitment language and cocaine treatment response. Pages 77-89. Carpenter, Kenneth M.; Amrhein, Paul C.; Bold, Krysten W.; Mishlen, Kaitlyn; Levin, Frances R.; Raby, Wilfrid N.; Evans, Suzette M.; Foltin, Richard W.; Nunes, Edward V. 
  2. Individual differences in subjective alcohol responses and alcohol-related disinhibition. Pages 90-99. Quinn, Patrick D.; Fromme, Kim.
  3. Differences in weekday versus weekend drinking among nonstudent emerging adults. Pages 100-109. Lau-Barraco, Cathy; Braitman, Abby L.; Linden-Carmichael, Ashley N.; Stamates, Amy L.
  4. Stress-related increases in risk taking and attentional failures predict earlier relapse to smoking in young adults: A pilot investigation. Pages 110-119. Schepis, Ty S.; Tapscott, Brian E.; Krishnan-Sarin, Suchitra.
  5. Reliability and validity of measures of impulsive choice and impulsive action in smokers trying to quit. Pages 120-130. McCarthy, Danielle E.; Bold, Krysten W.; Minami, Haruka; Yeh, Vivian M.; Rutten, Emily; Nadkarni, Shruti G.; Chapman, Gretchen B.
  6. Effects of gaboxadol on the expression of cocaine sensitization in rats. Pages 131-141. Silverman, Nora Siegal; Popp, Susanna; Vialou, Vincent; Astafurov, Konstantin; Nestler, Eric J.; Dow-Edwards, Diana.
  7. Actigraphy-based sleep parameters during the reinstatement of methamphetamine self-administration in rhesus monkeys. Pages 142-146. Berro, Laís F.; Andersen, Monica L.; Tufik, Sergio; Howell, Leonard L.