Congratulations to new Div. 28 fellows

APA Div. 28 welcomes our new fellows.

By Matthew Johnson, PhD

APA fellow status is an honorary designation for members who show unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the discipline of psychology. New fellows for Div. 28 who were approved by APA in 2015 include Sandra Comer, Thomas Gould, Matthew Johnson, Adam Leventhal and Ming Li. A previous newsletter update had neglected to include Thomas Gould and Ming Li among these recipients, so our apologies and congratulations go to them.

Among the 2015 new fellows, Comer, Johnson and Leventhal presented research in a new fellows address session at the 2016 annual convention in Denver. In 2016, APA approved James MacKillop, who had already been a fellow in Div. 50, as a fellow in Div. 28 as well. Congratulations to all of these recipients of Div. 28 fellow status.

During the 2016 annual convention, those who vote on Div. 28 new fellows (the elected officers of the Div. 28 executive committee who are also APA fellows) discussed and approved the nominations of two new fellow candidates. Those applications will move forward in February 2017 for potential approval decisions by APA.

Nominations for the next round of Div. 28 fellows will begin in summer of 2017, although nominations may be sent to Matthew Johnson, PhD, in the meantime.