Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology table of contents: 2017, Volume 25, Issue 4 (August)

August’s published articles in <i>ECP</i>.

By Suzette M. Evans
  1. Premenstrual symptoms and factors implicated in smoking cessation among woman smokers.
    Pages 235-241
    Pang, Raina D.; Andrabi, Nafeesa; Leventhal, Adam M.
  2. The effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) self-administration in male and female Long-Evans rats.
    Pages 242-248
    Wakeford, Alison G. P.; Wetzell, Bradley B.; Pomfrey, Rebecca L.; Clasen, Matthew M.; Taylor, William W.; Hempel, Briana J.; Riley, Anthony L.
  3. Effects of nicotine versus placebo e-cigarette use on symptom relief during initial tobacco abstinence.
    Pages 249-254
    Perkins, Kenneth A.; Karelitz, Joshua L.; Michael, Valerie C.
  4. Pain-related anxiety as a predictor of early lapse and relapse to cigarette smoking.
    Pages 255-264
    LaRowe, Lisa R.; Langdon, Kirsten J.; Zvolensky, Michael J.; Zale, Emily L.; Ditre, Joseph W. 
  5. Exercise attenuates negative effects of abstinence during 72 hours of smoking deprivation.
    Pages 265-272
    Conklin, Cynthia A.; Soreca, Isabella; Kupfer, David J.; Cheng, Yu; Salkeld, Ronald P.; Mumma, Joel M.; Jakicic, John M.; Joyce, Christopher J.
  6. Will delay discounting predict intention to quit smoking?
    Pages 273-280
    Athamneh, Liqa N.; Stein, Jeffrey S.; Bickel, Warren K.
  7. A reinforcement sensitivity model of affective and behavioral dysregulation in marijuana use and associated problems.
    Pages 281-294
    Emery, Noah N.; Simons, Jeffrey S.
  8. Sleep continuity, architecture and quality among treatment-seeking cannabis users: An in-home, unattended polysomnographic study.
    Pages 295-302
    Pacek, Lauren R.; Herrmann, Evan S.; Smith, Michael T.; Vandrey, Ryan.
  9. Craving and acute effects of alcohol in youths’ daily lives: Associations with alcohol use disorder severity.
    Pages 303-313
    Treloar, Hayley; Miranda Jr., Robert.
  10. Using crowdsourcing to examine behavioral economic measures of alcohol value and proportionate alcohol reinforcement.
    Pages 314-321
    Morris, Vanessa; Amlung, Michael; Kaplan, Brent A.; Reed, Derek D.; Petker, Tashia; MacKillop, James.
  11. Neurocognitive dysfunction in addiction: Testing hypotheses of diffuse versus selective phenotypic dysfunction with a classification-based approach.
    Pages 322-332
    Bickel, Warren K.; Moody, Lara N.; Eddy, Celia R.; Franck, Christopher T.